1. First Day of session 2019 – 2020 :01 April, 2019 
The beginning of a new session is always an auspicious time - a time for new hopes and renewed dreams. After the examination fever, it's the time to enter the school with new energy and fresh new vibes. Excitement and enthusiasm was at high among the students where there was an eagerness to meet the friends as well as admission to the new level. There are various plans for the coming classes inside every mind and this is the time when the commitment level is at its peak.
The new session 2019 - 20 of Guru Nanak Public School commenced on 1st April, 2019. Teachers offered prayer to the almighty god. First day of school was started with the samapti of Akhand Path and langar. Teachers extended their greetings to the students on the beginning of new session with a motivational and inspiring song with a message. The principal Mrs. Rita Joshi with her words of wisdom motivated the students to work hard to accomplish their task.

2. Hand wash activity :16 April, 2019 
Hand wash activity was conducted for Kinder garden students. It makes hand washing fun and make it more likely for children to understand the importance of washing hands properly. Students were informed that we should trim our nails, wash hands before and after meals, close the tap immediately after washing and close the tap while washing so as to stop wastage of water. In this activity teachers took few girls and few boys from each class and practically shown how to do hand wash. Students recited following poem during performing this activity-
 Tops and Bottom, Top and bottom
In between, In between
 Scrub them all together

Scrub them all together
 Now we are clean……

3. Earth Day Celebration :22 April, 2019 

Earth Day is an annual event celebrated on April 22. Worldwide, various events are held to demonstrate support for environmental protection. First celebrated in 1970, Earth Day now includes events in more than 193 countries, which are now coordinated globally by the Earth Day Network.

To keep the importance of this day in mind Guru Nanak Public school celebrated Earth Day. A speech was given by the student in assembly to enlighten others about this day. The students were told to write a paragraph on the occasion in their classes. Teachers elaborated to students about why we celebrate Earth day, when it is celebrated and about its importance. On this occasion students of classes Nursery to H.K.G. planted sapling in the garden area and students of classes I and II made the drawings that shows the importance of Earth Day. By these activities children got to know about the harmful effects of pollution and the necessity to save trees, water, electricity etc.

4. Labour Day Celebration :01 May, 2019 

To honour workers for their contribution towards making our lives easier, Guru Nanak Public School celebrated the first day of May as Labour’s day in school premises. That day was celebrated to honour the IVth class employees on their special day. The students celebrated the Labour Day with a special assembly to express gratitude to the class IV employees working in the school. On the occasion Respected Principal Ma’am, Mrs. Rita Joshi welcomed all of them warm heartedly. Some light was also thrown on the history and importance of celebrating this day by our school students. The event was designed to forge a better understanding of the labour community among our students who must learn to respect and appreciate their efforts. Class monitors were called and in their presence sweets and distribution of cards were done.

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  • Prescribed Book's List (Session : 2018-19)

  • RTE Admission Process- 2018-19

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    AGRICULTURE (068) subject has been introduced in this school from academic session 2018-19. Interested students may contact the school for admissions.

    Subject offered for XI AND XII
    The various subjects offered by Guru Nanak Public School to the students of XI and XII are-
            Subject Name                                                  Subject Code
    • Mathematics                                                            041
    • Physics                                                                    042
    • Chemistry                                                                043
    • Biology                                                                    044
    • Physical Education                                                  048
    • Economics                                                               030
    • Business Studies                                                     054
    • Accountancy                                                            055
    • Agriculture                                                               068
    • English(Core)                                                          301
    • Hindi(Core)                                                              302
    The group combinations for the subjects provided are-
                Subject Group
    • Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, English, & Optional (Physical Education/Economics/Hindi)
    • Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English, & Optional (Physical Education/Agriculture/Hindi)
    • Physics, Chemistry, Agriculture, English, & Optional (Physical Education/Biology/Hindi)
    • Economics, Business Studies, Accountancy, English, & Optional (Physical Education/Hindi)

  • Volleyball Tournament

    Students of Guru Nanak Public School have participated in Volleyball Tournament organized by Kota Sahodaya Complex in Lawrence and Mayo Public School. The competition was among the eighteen teams from 16 November 2017 to 18 November 2017. The Guru Nanak Public School team won the semifinal match against Bal Vidyalaya and Final match against Sir Padampat Singhania School. The winning trophy is given to the students by Dr. Nakul Vijay and Mrs Sarita Rajan. The best player trophy is bagged by Vijay Pal Singh.

  • Investiture Ceremony - 2017

    It is general elections for the student council which included the post of Head boy, Head girl, Cultural Secretary, Sports Secretary, House Captain and Vice- Captain for different houses.

  • Hostel Security Money

    Security of Hostel is refundable.

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