1. Session Begins (April 6, 2020)
The long lockdown for pandemic has closed schools, colleges and other educational institutes. To ensure that the students do not miss out on lessons due to the COVID-19 induced lockdown, Guru Nanak Public School started the new academic year of 2020-2021 from 6 April 2020 with virtual online classes. Teachers started using online apps for lectures, tutorial and assessments. E-learning poses a challenge to both teachers and students over technology and access, but it is keeping everyone busy with worksheets, video lectures and assignments.
The encouragement from Principal Mrs. Rita Joshi to the teachers helps them to overcome these difficulties to begin with the new session with the virtual classes.
2. Online Parents Teacher Meeting (July 15, 2020)
Due to the spread of corona virus it was not possible for parents to get in contact with teachers face to face, to know their wards previous performances. To give them information about the previous performances of the students, online Parents Teacher Meeting was organized for classes IX A and X A. In this online Parents Teacher Meeting, students attended the meeting with their parents with help of online app. Parents got to know about the performances of their ward as well as how they can improve their performances, from their teachers.

3. Result of XII standard (July 13, 2020)
Guru Nanak Public School, Kota scored outstanding result in session 2219-2020 for class XII with the sincere efforts of multi-talented staff and visionary management.

Our School Toppers in Science stream (Mathematics) –
  1. Satmeet Singh with 94.2%
  2. Akansha Verma with 93.2%
  3. Himanshu Paliwal with 92.4%
  4. Utsav Paliwal with 90.6%
  5. Kunal Singh Hada 89.8%
Our School Toppers in Science stream (Biology) –
  1. Debasis Naik with 97.2%
  2. Prachi Bhoi with 97%
  3. Jaiveer Singh 96.4%
  4. Kaushik Nath with 96.4%
  5. Palash Mandela with 95.8%
Our School Toppers in Commerce stream–
  1. Deepanshu Jangid with 93%
  2. Ramanpreet Kaur with 90.6%
  3. Soumya Pareek with 90.2%
4. Webinar regarding vocational Subjects  (July 17, 2020)
CBSE introduced the skill subject as option to the students of IX and X students. By these optional subjects students can get benefits in their board exams of X standard.  To make the students understand these benefits offered by these optional subjects a webinar was conducted. In this webinar students were informed about available optional subjects, about their future scope in different fields. Students got to know about what kind of benefits they will have if they choose a particular optional subject and what kind of opportunities they will have by opting for a particular subject. This webinar was successful as students chose their subjects by keeping their future plans in their mind.   

5. Result of X standard (July 17, 2020)
By the tremendous efforts of staff and prudence management, Guru Nanak Public School, Kota scored outstanding result in session 2019-2020 for class X. In the whole batch highest topper scored 97%, more than 14 students scored 90%, 22 students got marks between 80% to 90%, 14 students got between 70% to 80% and rest all got between 60% to 70%.

Our School Toppers: -
  1. Avasthi Jain 97%
  2. Akshita Jain 96.6%
  3. Harsh Jain 96%
  4. Divya Mehra 95.4%
  5. Shivangi Sharma 94.8%
  6. Harshit Sharma 94.6%
  7. Blapreet Singh Narang 93.6%
  8. Khushi Shringi 93.6%
  9. Naresh Gurjar 92.6%
  10. Jayesh Malav 92.4%
6. Celebration of Independence Day (August 15, 2020)
74th Independence Day was celebrated with great pomp and joy at Guru Nanak Public School, Badgaon, Kota. Due to corona pandemic and as per government orders students were not called at school. Teachers of the school themselves arranged cultural programme. They remembered their own childhood days as well.

Programme began with the auspicious unfurling of the tricolor by the vice chairman of the school Baba Balwinder Singh Ji. National Anthem was sung at this pious moment. A group of teachers sang the song “Chhodo kal ki batein, kal ki bat purani…”, Hindi teacher and renowned poet Mr. Parmanand Dadhich presented a patriotic poem in the honour of our great soldiers, who are the fearless defenders of freedom. Hearing the poem, each and every heart was filled with patriotism. Another Hindi teacher Mrs. Sadhna Gupta also presented a poem, which gave the message that we Indians, with our strength and capabilities, shall win over corona pandemic soon. Our achievements in the past also prove this. One more teacher Mrs. Priya Jain also presented a poem, which threw light on the advantages and disadvantages of online teaching.

One of the trustee members Sardar Harbhajan Singh Ji gave a heartwarming speech. Through his speech, he gave guidelines about how to face the problems of today’s lifestyle. The principal Mrs. Rita Joshi also gave an informative speech, in which she mentioned about the spread of COVID-19 and how it has affected the teaching system. She also mentioned how hard teachers are struggling to fulfill their duties and responsibilities. She stressed on being an ideal teacher and its role in nation building.

The administrator of the school retired colonel Amar Veer Singh Ghuman, in his speech, threw light on the history of India. He urged the teachers to teach the students the glorious history of our country, so that they have pride in their country After congratulating all on 74th Independence Day celebration, he thanked the venerable guest for being present at the celebration.
At the end, sweets were distributed.