Affiliated to CBSE Delhi,
Aff. No.1730288
Guru Nanak Public School
Gyan Ratan Sab Soji Hoye
Mandatory Public Disclosure
  • According to me first time a child comes in school, he/she comes with a bag full of fear, anxiety and feeling of loneliness. I and my team always keep this mission and vision in our mind that whenever students of our school complete their education from Guru Nanak Public School, their bags should be full of wisdom, confidence, knowledge and courage. So, that they can stand in this competitive world.

  • We pledge to do the utmost possible to offer our students with a vibrant and enjoyable education opportunity that equips them for lifelong challenges. Inculcate fearlessness, self reliance and confidence which make your child perfectly integrated personality. We, at the Guru Nanak School are trying hard to build character with special emphasis in installing good qualities and moral values in our students.

  • You can conquer your fate and shape your destiny with us. “Keep the high spirits in your mind and we will fill you with the flying colours”
Sukhvinder Singh Bath