Affiliated to CBSE Delhi,
Aff. No.1730288
Guru Nanak Public School
Gyan Ratan Sab Soji Hoye
Mandatory Public Disclosure
* Parents may kindly ensure that the children attend the school regularly and punctually.

* Parents are requested to extend full co-operation to the school, so as to enable the school to do its
   best for the children.

* Parents should study school rules and ensure that their wards observe them at home also.

* Parents are requested to see digital wallet every day and make them, do the home work.

* Parents should also acknowledge the result of weekly tests principal's or teacher's remarks in the             digital wallet after reading them.

* The children should be encouraged to cultivate the habit of neatness.

* Criticism of a child's teacher or school in his/her presence should be avoided, because it causes the
   student to lose his/her respect for the teacher.

* Children should be guided to become useful members of home and society. Encourage them to be          resourceful and to do their work themselves. Inculcate in them the idea of dignity of labour and moral         virtues necessary for a successful career in life.

* The school provides counselling sessions to students in academic, social and behavioural problems.         Student may approach the counsellor during School hours.

* To make education meaning full and rewarding, It is important that the staff must be proļ€cient for             achieving this goal.