Affiliated to CBSE Delhi,
Aff. No.1730288
Guru Nanak Public School
Gyan Ratan Sab Soji Hoye
Mandatory Public Disclosure
“Always aim for the moon, and if you miss it,
Don’t worry-you will fall among the stars.”  

I have immense pleasure in welcoming you to Guru Nanak Public School, a highly progressive and finest school of the city. It is an English Medium Co – educational School, preparing students for the All India Secondary School Examination (Class X) and All India Senior School Certificate Examination (Class XII) of the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi. School provides a sound education environment designed to empower its students for the world of tomorrow, in all spheres of life.
Wisdom comes with time, but knowledge comes bit by bit through laborious search and after many weary steps. It doesn’t come on its own; we must still be seeking and that is what we aim at.
Youth is a period full of energy, ideas and enthusiasm, a phase of life where one is able to mould himself as per individual’s desire. This period is to acquire the right knowledge and put it to practice to cherish goals of life. Success comes with lots of hard work, right knowledge and truthful wisdom. Our endeavour is to channelize the students accordingly.
The management of the school has dedicated members. Who are experts in their field and are committed to develop the school as a centre of excellence in all aspects. We aim at making our students to be self disciplined, honest, caring, considerate, well mannered, willing to help others, and become responsible citizen within the frame work of constitution of India. We believe in the philosophy that a good system shortens the road to achievement of goals. This can be felt only when you, yourself undergo and scrutinize the system.
Let us now work together to build a better future for all of us and spread the message of universal brotherhood.

Baba Lakhwinder Singh Ji
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