Affiliated to CBSE Delhi,
Aff. No.1730288
Guru Nanak Public School
Gyan Ratan Sab Soji Hoye
Mandatory Public Disclosure
"Education is not the learning of facts but the training of the mind to think."
-Albert Einstein

GURU NANAK PUBLIC SCHOOL is a project dedicated to mankind. It is literally a school with a difference since we impart quality education with perfect academic faculty, congenial atmosphere, updated syllabus and workable action plan catering to the current and projected needs of the society.
I seek active co-operation and involvement from the parents so that our efforts to strive scholastic excellence may reach fruition. I pledge to continuously endeavour to produce well balanced capable individuals and leaders of tomorrow who can blaze a new trial and make a qualitative difference to this world. I am proud of running GURU NANAK PUBLIC SCHOOL which imparts pollution less education.

Namrata Cocasse

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