‘Build castles in the air
But first, give them foundations
Hold fast to all your dreams
Make perfect your creations’

Childhood is the pristine and crucial period of life on which the journey of life is largely dependent. If this childhood amalgamates with education, nothing remains impossible. It is the light of knowledge and wisdom that washes your thoughts and purifies your mind. With this mission Guru Nanak Public School, Kota is a renowned organization which believes that every individual is bestowed with hidden potential which needs to be explored. The school has a wonderful infrastructure well furnished, digitalized classroom ambience with experienced faculty ready to meet the challenges of present era. I believe challenges are like trees seen from a running train. As you approach them they grow bigger, once you pass them, they grow smaller. To make these challenges look small, God has bestowed us with the mind which is a great reservoir that decides the level of one’s achievement.

There is no end to education. And it is not only about what you learn, but the truth lies that the whole life, from the moment you are born to the moment you die, is the process of learning.

With these words, I pay my heartfelt thanks to the entire school fraternity, parents and well wishers.